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Domestic mold market to meet the rate of less than 80%

Date: 2015-09-25
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Huicong plastic inquiry: the mold is the foundation of industrial production technology and equipment, known as "the mother of industry". Precision machining parts machining parts, 75% of industrial products in 50% by mold molding, the vast majority of plastic products are molded by the mold. At present, the overall level of China’s mold industry is still lagging behind the international advanced level, mold output still not satisfied to meet domestic mold mold market, the market rate of less than 80%, especially the mold with high technical content in the high-grade mold, to meet the rate of less than 60%.

According to statistics, the mold can drive the related industries the ratio is about l:100, the mould development 100000000 yuan, can drive the related industries 10000000000 yuan. Through the mold processing products, can greatly improve the production efficiency, save raw materials, reduce energy consumption and cost, and maintain a high consistency of product etc.. Now, mold because of its high production efficiency, good product quality, low material consumption, low production cost and has been used in all walks of life. And direct services for high-tech industries; especially in the manufacturing industry, which plays a supporting role in other industries not be replaced, development and influence to the regional economy of radiation.

In mold industry for many years continue to progress, make our country a large number of leading enterprises, such as the "four people" the car cover mold, the mold industry has more than 100 enterprises have been awarded the "Chinese key mold enterprise" title; in the industrial layout, China’s mold industry is in the more developed Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta to the mainland and north extension, there are some new mold production is concentrated area.

At present, China about mold manufacturing plant more than 20000 points, practitioners. About 500000 people die, the output value reached 534. Billion yuan. In recent years, the mold industry to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, mainly for the overall growth rate of large, precision, complex, long life mold and mold growth rate than the industry standard parts of plastic mold and die casting mold: increase the proportion of the rapid increase in the number of; market-oriented professional mold manufacturers and power. With the deepening of economic reform, "three capital and private enterprise development" soon.

More importantly, China’s mold industry not only large, but quality is more and more abundant, high levels of mold, the proportion of large precision, complex, long life mold as the representative of the above 35%. China’s mold industry to develop advanced science and technology, applicable scope expanding technology, timely the advanced technology into the mold production, in order to adapt to China’s growing mold demand market, promoting the rapid development and economic growth in china.

China’s mold industry should strive to resolve problems existing in the development of such as total demand, product structure is not reasonable, low level of technique and equipment, poor matching, utilization rate is low, a serious shortage of technical personnel, low degree of specialization, the high-end product market of absence problem, make our country mold industry development to the large-scale, precision, complex, high efficiency, long life and function of the direction, steer in the good market environment.

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