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China’s Mold Industry Transformation Trend Micro mold

Date: 2015-09-25
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With the development of industry technology and upgrade, many industry gradually choose the micro technology intensive products as the focus. For this stage belongs to the transition of mold industry trend micro mold industry has become one of the most important developing branch.

Miniature mould enterprises scattered, small scale, which is a major feature Chinese mould industry, decentralized mold enterprise foundation is weak, the ability, research ability, ability to design against the risks are relatively weak, small mould enterprises operate independently of the road is obviously not suitable for China.

China mold enterprises has characteristics of large quantity, small scale, scattered business. Decentralized management pattern has brought many problems to the development of the mold industry: small scale, lack of funds to improve production technology equipment and mold research condition; decentralized management, act of one’s own free will, easily lead to repeated construction, vicious competition among enterprises caused by mold low-end; due to the small scale, many companies are still down workshop management mode, is not conducive to the introduction and application of scientific management mode.

Micro mold enterprise China are aware of the problems above, to promote their own development, change China mold enterprises are concentrated management mode. The construction of Mold Industrial Park rise around is one of its performance. Centralized management can the development of mold enterprise as a whole area, so the combined together, can not only avoid the drawbacks of decentralized operation, also can promote the mold industry formed the scale, to create a regional brand image.

However, the micro China mold enterprises to focus on business is not easy from the dispersion, its process is very complex, to deal with matters is very complicated, so the mold enterprise micro when walk this path should use some strength.

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