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Automobile die industry in China to lead the industry trend of independent manufacturing

Date: 2015-09-25
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Automobile industry is first assembled type enterprise, the real technology is actually more in the hands of the parts enterprises, parts enterprise product batch production is realized by mold molding. Auto industry in recent years to change the type of speed, the diversification of market demand growth rate is alarming, auto mould huge potential market.

International Mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association secretary general said, in the automobile transmission system, steering system, body parts, engine products high-end parts we are still dependent on imports, mold equipment is an important part of vehicle equipment, each kind of new models of cars need thousands of mold, the value on the billion, while the ability to China’s large-scale precision mold problems. As a full set of auto body die mid-range Passat is more than 250000000 yuan, a large plastic mold about 35000000 ~ 40000000, China has been able to produce C class car mid-range car cover mold and a full set of die, dashboard bumper plastic mould we have well done, but cover mold at present our country high-grade car almost all imported products.

From the cylinder block casting the heart of the automobile generator to the car body stamping parts, from the energy-saving and environment-friendly vehicles in China R & D processes such as plastic metal, injection mold plastic intake manifold foreign automobile engine has accounted for 80%, this process makes the combustion more fully, lighter, to the new material super steel hot forming die; lightweight automobile new material forming mold and the multi position progressive die is to promote the development of own brand car security, in order to reduce weight, the application will be aluminum and other light metal in the car on the increase, the mold with this adaptation will be the development of.

Experts point out that, along with the development of mould clamping integration technology, mould clamping integration products will also be developed. All need to die to drive the automobile industry core parts of the independent production, the market in the next mold, plastic mold in the mold total quantity proportion will gradually increase, its development speed will be higher than other mould. In the automobile factory mold enterprise status is a core competitive position; mold enterprise level necessary for automobile factory service is closely related to a strategic alliance. Can be expected, with the development of faster Chinese the development of automobile industry and higher, will promote the sustained, stable development of automobile mould market.

Die parts and large stamping die - including four doors, hood, trunk lid, side wall, wing, floor, roof and other parts of the Shanghai Saikeli automobile mould company will also showcase body outer covering, progressive die stamping die, multi station stamping die, laser tailor welded plate blanking die etc.. Automobile parts of large progressive die also showed considerable strength, which is representative of the Tianjin Tianjin trillion electromechanical Development Company Limited production of the structure of automobile trunk large precision progressive die, weight 14T, length 4m, module precision up to 5um, die life 3000000 times, the level of mold design and manufacturing technology to achieve the level of similar foreign products.

FAW die for high-grade car aluminum alloy die Land Rover LandRover production, a total of 23 kinds of products, hundreds of sets of mold, has been put into use in Liverpool, Bermingham factory; the participating AudiA6L high-grade car front fender parts to the free state dimension tolerance qualified and good surface accuracy, show mold domestic mold manufacturing enterprises can design and manufacture all kinds of automobile panel. Anhui Jianghuai Fuzhen body equipment Co. Ltd. and Anhui Rui Hu automobile mould company will bring a single row of top cover plate, appearance quality, top, front left rear door outer plate, left side, dashboard on board demanding, complex shape, drawing depth, large size auto parts mold and technology exhibition.

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