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Automobile Die Industry

Date: 2015-09-25
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Botou automobile die industry is derived from the foundry industry, has a history of over 20 years. In early 80, Botou foundry enterprises started production of agricultural vehicle mold simple, with scattered production, small batch production, automobile die industry began to sprout. In 1984, Botou City Hao village elevator factory investment of 4500000 yuan, a new annual production capacity of 2000 tons of automobile mould production line, Botou city to become the first automobile die professional production enterprises, the peak period, the annual output value reached 40000000 yuan, profits and taxes 10000000 yuan. Then came the Xinglin automobile mould factory, Hao automobile mold factory, mold factory and several car mold manufacturing enterprises. By the end of 1992, the city’s automobile die industry output value reached 80000000 yuan, 20000000 yuan in profits and taxes. By the end of 1999, automotive die enterprise development to 7. Product realization by the agricultural vehicle to middle and low car mold across, over 20 automobile manufacturers and including FAW, steam and other well-known domestic enterprises, established business relationship. Automobile die industry has become one of the characteristics of the industry is developing rapidly, in Botou obvious benefit. At present, the city has 40 enterprises of automobile die, with the 3 key enterprises (Xingda die factory, Xinglin automobile body group, Jingbo mould company), 1000000000 yuan in fixed assets, employees 6000 people, the annual production of 15000 sets of auto body mold, the annual output value of 2500000000 yuan, covering mould output value accounted for 20% of the country. All the companies are using the CAD/CAM/CAE software, can accept a variety of mathematical model, and has the ability to reverse mapping design and three-dimension entity die design, design and production of inner plate mould for light truck, heavy truck, pickup, SUV, SPV van, car etc.. Automobile mould enterprises with large CNC machining center 240, three coordinate measuring machine big 40, big 100 presses, ordinary machine processing equipment 500 sets.

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