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The development of plastic mold cannot do without the support of key project construction

Date: 2015-09-25
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At present, the plastic consumption in China has ranked first in the world, but the per capita consumption of only industrial developed countries 1/7, medium developed countries industrial 1/4, this reflects the gap between, on the other hand also reveals the space for the development of plastic industry and plastic mold industry in china.

"At present, China to mold the demand of industries including aerospace, defense industry, railway locomotive, engineering machinery and other industries, especially a total investment of 220000000000 yuan of the Beijing Shanghai High-speed Rail project, more than 30000000000 yuan of the scale of investment in large aircraft project, will give the plastic mold industry has brought new challenges and opportunities. "International mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association secretary-general Luo Baihui thinks, the development of plastic mold industry in China must rely on the state key construction projects, vigorously develop the precision injection mold, stamping die and large injection mold; at the same time, accelerate the pace of mergers and restructuring and product upgrading, to narrow the distance between developed countries, so that the sustained and healthy the development of plastic mold industry in china.

To mold materials and standard parts as an example. More than 80% foreign production of mould steel by vacuum refining and electroslag remelting steel production, the purity and to high, while domestic through die steel electroslag remelting production of the share is very small, about 1/10. Die steel in developed countries the rate at 85%~90%, and the yield is only 70%. In our plastic mould steel national standard of only 3Cr2Mo and 3Cr2MnNi - Mo. Foreign commonly used plastic die steel has formed a complete series, such as America plastic mould steel 7 steel, formed a complete series of P Hitachi Metals Ltd has 15 grades. Steel for plastic mould our arbitrarily large, 80% the use of carbon steel and 40Cr steel. For the complex, precision mould, in order to avoid the heat treatment deformation, generally used in the annealed or quenched and tempered, normalized processing, so life is only similar foreign mold 1/10~1/2. The domestic automobile plastic mold enterprises are willing to choose die steel, Japan, Sweden, Germany three big series, but in the domestic purchase of European mold steel, prices are often higher than 30%~40%, seriously affected the competitiveness of domestic mold.

Internationally, auto mould has entered the specialization, standardization, auto mould is provided by a professional mold manufacturers, mold commercialization rate in 70% above, there are many specialize in the production of mold standard parts enterprises, automobile mould standard parts up to several hundred, such as Germany, Japan Die standard rate of 85%. The degree of standardization of domestic mold companies large mold is about 25%~30%. To this, Luo Baihui thinks, the degree of standardization of mold has become the bottleneck of the domestic mold manufacturing cycle, also affected the competitiveness of domestic mold.

Then have a look the mold precision, life and die manufacturing cycle. Japan’s auto mould precision can reach 0.02mm, plastic mold parting surface precision control in 0.01mm, while the domestic automobile mold brand enterprises, automobile mould precision control in 0.03~0.05mm; plastic mold parting surface model accuracy is about 0.03mm. German manufacturing cycle of the die in 2 weeks ~20 days, 4~5 days of trial preparation, 2~3 days. Japan, South Korea mold cycle requires 2 weeks, because they have a special mold parts City, slide, push rod, gate set component can buy, home accessories standards do not, the machining accuracy of some parts are not up to the requirements.

In the overall quality of employees, Germany, Japan, the mold enterprise most employees are university graduates or specially trained, with at least 10 years of work experience, technical personnel die enterprises percentage is high, the majority of enterprises in more than 25%, some more than 50%, many enterprises are often interchangeable workers in the technology and production post. Domestic mold enterprise employees lack of high-tech processing technology training and high-end CNC machine tool operation skill training, to some extent, this also affected the utilization rate of high-end equipment. The low proportion of technical personnel mold enterprises, most enterprises 15%~20%, and the comprehensive development capacity of the lower.

"German, Japanese enterprises attach great importance to new product development, mold factory often development and material manufacturers, product manufacturers jointly; injection molding machine plant and materials manufacturers jointly developed a new type; brand plastic supply chamber of Commerce and the famous automobile company to jointly develop new products to plastic steel. This Qiangqiang cooperation, so that enterprises have a strong R & D capability. Our country enterprise innovation, R & D capability gap in greater. "Luo Baihui pointed out, plastic mold industry in China at present and future development, should closely cooperate with iron and steel, automobile, petrochemical projects, ships, light industry, textile, nonferrous metals, electronics and information, national defense of the nine industry, manufacturing capability of lifting large mold, precision injection mold, high-grade mold standard parts of the domestic implementation; and high quality die steel, improve the mold material supply system, with various specifications and grades of comprehensive materials, greatly reduce the die production preparation cycle; improve the mold new materials, new plastic molding process and high strength, high toughness, high temperature resistant plastic product research and development capabilities; improve information management and die integrated enterprise overall manufacturing level.

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