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Precision plastic mould in short supply industry prospects

Date: 2015-09-25
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Huicong plastic inquiry: requirements for mould of many industries is increasing, so the development of precision mold industry began to heat up, with the rapid development of information transformation and traditional industries of electronic information industry, plastic mold market prospects for a wider, global high-grade, precision plastic mold market is in short supply situation.

In recent years, China plastic mould manufacturing level has been greatly improved, large plastic mould produced a single set of weight has reached more than 50t, precision plastic mould precision has reached 3cm, multi cavity plastic mold has been able to produce plastic mold 7800 cavity mold, high speed mold side has been able to produce high speed extrusion speed the plastic profile extrusion die and more than 4m/min main profile double cavity moulds.

Extend the affected countries a variety of policy and market space, automobile, IT industry, packaging and other industries in recent years very rapid development momentum, not only in the production capacity has been greatly developed, but also in the industry of high-end also has made great progress, therefore, the industry has a strong mold demand in three aspects of high school low-end. Among them, the car, IT products, plastic parts are needed by molding, and ultimately to become finished products for sale.

With the rapid development of plastics industry and the general and engineering plastics in the aspects of increasing intensity, scope of application of plastic products is also expanding, the amount of plastic products is rising. It is understood, plastic products in China in 2012 the production of nearly 60000000 tons, and growing process, thus the domestic demand has a great impetus to the development of the plastic mold industry in china.

Reportedly, Ninghai Mold Association since last year, the county actively encourage enterprises to update technology and equipment, to promote the technology and product innovation, guide the conditional enterprises from production to research and development, sales of high value-added mold development, manufacturing of large injection mold and new development, is now able to produce a set of 8 kilograms of double cylinder washing machine the whole car, bumper, instrument panel, automobile interiors and other large sets of mould and 65 inch rear projection TV shell mold.

Similar to the National Plastics processing industry regional distribution, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta plastic products industry in the forefront, the proportion of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong plastic mould value in the mould of total output value accounted for 70%. With the Chinese cars, appliances, electronic communication, the rapid development of all kinds of building materials, is expected in the future market of mold, plastic mold accounted for the proportion of the total mold will gradually increase, and the growth rate will be faster than other mold.

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